Monday, March 06, 2006

Google Page Creator and You: Until death does its part

After perusing the Google Page Creator Terms of Use (found here), I'm still trying to figure this one out:
I'm guessing Google included this clause for one of three reasons:

1) Google is all about "Not Being Evil." Maybe this is their way of trying to help curb the U.S. suicide rate:
"Remember kids, if you kill yourself, you won't be able to access Google Page Creator, your free online tool that makes it easy for anyone to create and publish useful, attractive web pages in just minutes; things can't be that bad!"
2) Google can free up space for the swamped Page Creator servers by bumping users off the old-fashioned way.

3) Google is determined to put an end to zombie blogs and the websites of the undead in general. Sorry Elvis.

Regardless, if and when you sign up, remember:

On Google Page Creator, dead men tell no tales.TM*

*Editor's Note:
Not actually Google Page Creator's real slogan. Yet.


Steven said...

I extend my apologies for not taking part in the punny pic contest. Maybe I'll have time to use Google to try and solve it at work today. On second thought, I better change that to my Matlock skills.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Steve, it was good of you to give the rest of us a fighting chance at the contest. Not your fault that we're all clueless...