Thursday, March 23, 2006

A feast for the eyes? Only if you want a Tommy ache.

While I scramble for any material that's actually funny and worth blogging about, I offer you conclusive proof that if you take the snapshot at the right time, anyone can look really, really silly:
Quite frankly, I really doubt Tommy generally looks like this.

Editor's Note: While FMR CENTCOM COMMANDER may appear to be insanely abbreviated, the compression from Former Central Command Commander to the aforementioned and aforepictured text saved the graphic designers at Fox News 10 letters: o,r,e,r,a,l,m,a,n, and d.

Perhaps more importantly, the letters saved here can now be put to better use. They could, for instance, be used to introduce a Dr. "
Roman Alder," describe a particularly skinny horse as a "No lard mare," or even simply express that "Rod ran lame." Unfortunately for Red Sox fans, it would cost another A and a hyphen to write that "A-Rod ran lame."

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