Tuesday, February 07, 2006

King Kong vs. The Hummer

As you probably remember, back in December, David Edelstein, a Slate.com columnist, substantiated that Peter Jackson's King Kong was racist in nature.
"Jackson doesn't deal with the implicit racism of King Kong—the implication that Kong stands for the black man brought in chains from a dark island (full of murderous primitive pagans) and with a penchant for skinny white blondes."
-David Edelstein, Slate.com

Well David, I'm a bit behind the times, but riddle me this:

1) Why the heck didn't you pick on Peter's earlier Lord of the Rings trilogy? Because I don't remember a single black dude in those 9+ hours of cinema. And don't even get me started on a wizard named "Gandalf the White."
The Fellowship: In serious need of affirmative action.

2) If King Kong is all about African American degradation, then I contend that Hummer's 2006 Super Bowl Ad was no more than an insulting implication that the white population is a despicable harlot of materialism.
Can't you see the racism? The white 'monster' easily seduced by the latest in technology?!

It's obvious to me that this merely yet another insidious conspiracy against middle-class white males like myself.

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Johnny said...

I have a question for Mr Mosty. The subject of rhetorical questions came up in a highly unintellectual conversation and then it asked, "what about rhetorical answers?" I am sure Mr Mosty can look through his vast storehouse of grammatical rules and find out if there is such a thing.