Friday, February 10, 2006

From the Editor's Desk: 2-10-06 - iTunes of Doom

I like iTunes. Really, I do. A lot. But today, a few lines were crossed. I present for your consideration three items on iTunes that point to an imminent apocolypse:

1) Hey Click Five, two things wrong with your playlist:

a) You guys are out of college and are listening to Ashlee Simpson, Sk8r Boi, and that obnoxious Blue (Da Ba Dee) song. That's wrong on a lot of levels.
b) You picked YOUR OWN FREAKING SONGS. Yes, not just "song", "songs."

Great scott.

2)Let's just say that I would've thought the odds of President Clinton winning a Grammy were less than the odds of him sleeping with somebody's gram...never mind.

3)No, your eyes are not deceiving you. "I'm N Luv (Wit a Stripper)" really is the 2nd most purchased song on iTunes today. And it was yesterday too. Yeah.

And just to clear things up, the part of the song title you can't see reads: "[Featuring Mike Jones]" - not something like, "[Just kidding, I don't go to strip clubs]".

I've still got some room in my fallout shelter if anyone wants to join me.

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