Tuesday, January 24, 2006

You've never had a friend like me!

Researchers seek tastier pork
Now you might think this is just a big waste of money. But seriously, who else is sick of pork tasting more like an other meat than the other white meat?

EDITOR'S NOTE:For moms of CJ, this next headline may be a little too repulsive. Mother discretion is heavily advised due to the presence of s-words*.

Hamster, Snake Best Friends at Tokyo Zoo
Call me a heartless cynic if you will, but I am of the sincere belief that the snake is doing no more than fattening the poor dude up. Seriously.
Snake: I can eat thissssss relatively sssssscrawny hamster now, or have a big juisseeeey one later...
Hamster: What was that, good buddy?
Snake: Um, nothing. Jusssssst keep eating, buddy....he isssss kind of bony...
Hamster: What did you just say?
Snake: I ssssssssaid, uh, "You're a kind crony!".
Hamster: Oh, thanks, friend....why are you staring at me like that?

UCLA students urged to expose 'radical' professors
I would ask everyone to keep in mind that "rad" is actually a compliment in California. And you can take that any way you want.

Finally, I ran across a picture of Robert Byrd today and I have to say I think he looks an alarmingly lot like...Yoda.
"If turned to the dark side Yoda was, look like Robert Byrd he would."

Then again, as I've said many times in the past, just me it may be.

*In my family, my mom's hatred of those slithering creatures is so great that I'm required to refer to them as "s-words" when in her presence. I kid you not. And yes, as you might imagine, that has created some confusion for family outsiders concerning what an "s-word" means in the context of the Baker family.

Oddly enough, I've been told that in most English-speaking families, the "s-word" that gets you in trouble with your mom is not "snake".

Go figure. (go back to the top)


Anonymous said...

Your s-word warning was appreciated by this mom of CJ...and out of curiosity, just how many "moms of CJ" are out there?????

Johnny said...

I was wondering the same, "just how many moms do you have CJ?" Oh, I get it this is some surreptitious way to beginning your next topic, right?
I can testify to the validity of the s-word claim by CJ, as I have reprimanded for using the full s-word in the presence of the mom.

Steven said...

S--N--A--K just kiddin'.

Amanda said...

he he he. the "s-word". those slimey creatures gross me out. excellent puns, btw. loved the yoda picture. fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Just to clear any misunderstandings up:

1) I hate snakes too. I'd like to pretend I don't, but I'm confident enough in my masculinity to admit it, though I am able to name them with no shivers or fits of trembling.

However, I will confess that I do have a hard time saying "sneaky sea snakes" ten times fast.

2) I, to the best of my knowledge, have only one mother. My apologies for the confusion.

Carol said...

I agree that Byrd and Yoda are look-a-likes, totally rad, Dude!!

Anonymous said...

I too can verify that the slimy "s-word" is not to be spoken around the mom of CJ.... I found this out from personal exssssperiensssse. Ssso, don't make the ssssame missstake as I onccccce did!