Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Striking Out Terrorism

Pakistan: Terrorists Killed in U.S. Strike
I dunno, this "strikes" me as some crazy spin job by one of the N.Y. transit workers P.R. guys. I have a hard time believing anything remotely good came out of that whole mess, let alone the elimination of threats to U.S. security...

WMDs Blinded U.S.
So that's why we couldn't find them!

White House Chides Gore
"Quit being so nasty!"

Sen. Clinton's 'plantation' remark draws fire
"I predict to you that this administration will go down in history as one of the worst that has ever governed our country," she said. Clinton also apologized to a group of Hurricane Katrina evacuees in the audience "on behalf of a government that left you behind."

Hey, hey, hey now Senator - President Bush's plan was specifically titled "The No Child Left Behind Act" - he never said anything about not leaving adults behind.

Nagin says he's sorry
Mayor Ray Nagin on Tuesday apologized for urging residents to rebuild a "chocolate New Orleans" and for adding: "You can't have New Orleans no other way."*

Despite Nagin's calls for his city to resemble a giant chocolate bar, in my book, the mayor came out looking more like a dum-dum. Lately, I haven't been able to decide whether I should break into snickers or tears when he opens his mouth to speak. I mean the man just mars the airwaves with his ill-advised whoppers.

If I was one of his constituents, I'd want the dude in mounds of trouble - fine him 100 grand, or at least take away a pay day. Heck, I might even be ok with the hiring of some professional jawbreaker to serve as a mayoral gabstopper! I know the man's in a bit of a crunch and stuck twixt a rock and a hard place with the Katrina disaster, but enough is enough. I don't think Mayor Nagin should just rolover and stop being candyd, but after today's tirade, I do think the man needs to start watching the kit-kat chit-chat.

*I must mention that according to the double-negative rule, his statement that "you can't have New Orleans no other way" actually means that yes, you can have New Orleans another way. I'm sure that's what Nagin meant anyway.

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Anonymous said...

You really skorred with your New Orleans mayor comments - best in this milky way (and being careful of too many negatives, I don't mean a milk dud, either!)