Thursday, January 26, 2006

Oh no, it's Donald - Duck!

Rumsfeld Says Military Not Overextended

"This armed force is enormously capable," Rumsfeld told reporters at a Pentagon briefing.

Ok, so I don't know if he made that gesture while delivering that line, but I'll bet he did.

Rumsfeld added: "There is no question if a country is in a conflict and we are in the global war on terror, it requires our forces to do something other than what they do in peacetime."

I have to ask: is it possible for this guy to say anything normal?! "Do something other than what they do in peacetime"?!?! Good grief.

EDITOR'S WARNING: Incoming bathroom humor. I'm sorry, but the 13 year-old in me couldn't resist.

Frenchman fined for attacking urinal artwork
My first thought was, "Did he use it or something?!" But seriously, what did the Frenchman think was going to happen? Did he think the artist was going to be relieved when word of this leaked out? Did he think the guy was going to be pleased and yell, "Yipee"?!

You've gotta know urine trouble when you desecrate someone's art, because of course, they're going to be pissed.

Wyo. Rancher Gives Pitt Land With Fossils
Mere days after being dealt a devastating loss by the Steelers, Bronco country suffered another defeat at the hands of Pittsburgh when a Wyoming rancher decided to donate 92, 000 acres of Equality State territory to the University of Pittsburgh.

"It's got all the 'ologies,'" [Wyoming rancher Allen] Cook said.

I'm sure he was referncing geology and ecology and all that, and maybe I'm just biased, but the only "ology" I'm interested in is one of the "ap" variety for not giving all that land to the University of Wyoming! Traitor.

Finally, let me close with this gem from my roomate:
Sex calms nerves before public speaking - study
Roomate Jim: "So that's why Clinton was such a good public speaker!"


Anonymous said...

What happened to your promise of no more Michael Jackson references???

Amanda said...

oh good grief...that is fantastic. i give jim 5 points for his comment, and you 10 points for your bathroom humor. cuz it was funny, afterall.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Amanda. I will inform Jim that I win.

As far as Michael Jackson goes: I'm sorry. I couldn't come up with a good poll question, so I panicked. Again, my apologies.