Friday, January 27, 2006

From the Editor's Desk: 1-27-06

Who needs headlines on a Friday? Here's three things in my world that I've recently found to be ridiculously ridiculous:

Ridiculous Item #1 :
Man, that CJ Barker kid sure knows how to harness his individual potential.

Ridiculous item #2:
I know I've whined about online advertisements before, but this one is ridiculous for several reasons:

1) We know the guy's not a car - if he was a car, he would have a loan and therefore wouldn't be posing in pictures for stupid ads like this one.

2) If we were fooled by the sweet license plate and didn't know this guy wasn't a car, he just blew his cover and didn't get a loan anyway.

3) The wording's wacky.

"Banks lend 17 times more money for cars than students."

Now, correct me if I'm wrong here, but I believe the money loaned is given not to the car, but the prospective car buyer. Therefore, following this logic, the unintentional meaning of this sentence is:

"Banks lend 17 times more money for the purchase of cars than the purchase of students."

And that's just a weird thing to say.

Ridiculous Item #3:
I had a hard time getting a picture of the entire sign, but yes, that pretty much says what it looks like it says:
Pet Photos

Now that's ridiculous.

First off, as Wikipedia astutely points out, "Santa a folk hero in various cultures who distributes presents to children...", and secondly, according to Unknown Knowns and Other Ramblings, today is January 27th. And according to this site, January 27th is 331 days before Christmas. Nuf said.

Now sure, I could say that Santa will never actually be here because the whole Santa Claus thing is a load of crap, but I wouldn't want to screw it up for all the little kids who might read this.

Enjoy your Friday everyone.

In sincerity,
CJ Baker


Anonymous said...

Great laughs for a Friday, Mr. Barker!

Carol said...

You might advise that Barker guy to take the job if the price is right and he is able to face the truth or consequences.

Steven said...

Isn't it fitting that Mr. Barker would find a sign for pet photos with Santa?

tabelzey said...

There must be some serious issues with the mailing system there if you are getting Mr. Barkers mail...but in case that the position was declined by Mr. Barker who better than to take that than the next similar name Mr. Baker. **GASP** (music in the background dun dun dun)

Anonymous said...

I'm a little curious about the purpose of the car/college ad. It doesn't seem to be advertising a bank. The only intent I got from it was to make college students sad.
re: your snakes post
having seen a snake eat a mouse back in our junior English class, I also am skeptical of that snake's intentions. Although, I confess I'm totally on his side. Hamsters smell funny anyway.

Natasha said...

Oh C'mon CJ. You'd be an awesome RA, even if your last name isn't "Barker"