Tuesday, December 20, 2005

What's a good deal?

I would ramble about the lengthy delay and new look, but I've learned my lesson. For now. So I'll just say, thanks to Steve for the help on the new layout.

Hope ya'll like it.

AP: More Blacks Live With Pollution
Man, things just get harder and harder for minorities in America. Just think about it - after dealing with the white variety for centuries, blacks now have to deal with airborne trash? Something's screwed up.

Bush Calls Medicare Drug Plan 'A Good Deal'
Sure that sounds kinda lame, but keep in mind that President Bush is only merely continuing presidential precendence: Franklin had his "New Deal", Harry had his "Fair Deal", Teddy had his "Square Deal", and now George has his "Good Deal". It's that simple.

And help me out here, is it true that President Taft instituted the "Square Meal"? or did I just totally make that one up...

Suit Challenges Salmon Listings in West
For once I agree with the environmental activists: salmon should not have to have their private telephone numbers listed. With the whole upstream spawning thing, I think they have enough on their hands, er, fins, to not need to worry about telemarketers.

Research Urged on Nanotechnology Risks
Wait a minute, wouldn't the risks be pretty small?

Bush Vigorously Defends Domestic Spying
My sources in the White House tell me that Laura is royally peeved.

Iran's President Bans All Western Music
We warned you Hilary Duff. We warned you Lindsay Lohan. We warned you Ashlee Simpson. We warned you all to stop putting out those crappy CDs, but did you listen? NO!!! And now look what you've gone and done. Sweet guys.

Needing no commentary to be funny:
DeLay's request for speedy trial on hold

Passage of McCain torture ban expected soon
PLEASE NOTE: In accordance with the new federal law, Unknown Knowns and Other Ramblings will do its best to leave the man alone.

Appendicitis Diagnosis Drug Removed
Fittingly, it would appear that they didn't really know what it did...

Mexican Official Calls Fence Plan 'Stupid'
"It's a law that looks underhanded to everybody ... stupid," Mexico's foreign secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez said.

While Mexico may be playing in the World Baseball Classic this spring, it would appear that there's no use in inviting them to play in any softball tourneys anytime soon.

Hmmm: underhanded = stupid. I'm still trying to translate that one.

House Approves Sweeping Defense Bill
If the U.S. government actually thinks that Mexican immigrants really resemble Speedy Gonzalez to the extent that they can just be swept out of the country with a broom or something, it really is time to take ole Speedy off the air for good.

Ex-President Ford Released From Hospital
I'll admit it: this one threw me for a bit - Forget crossing t's and dotting i's, these AP writers have got to watch their ex's.


Anonymous said...

Now *THIS* is the blog of a Journalism major!!
(and thanks, Steve, too!)

Steven said...

Very nice. Now I'm commenting myself too. No seriously, I like the background you choose. The the letter(s) to the editor is a great comment feature. Your site looks great now and I color myself green with envy.

Carol said...

This is a very cool look.
Hoover had a "chicken in every pot" maybe that is where the square meal came from.
They are banning Western music, oh no! That would be look out Willie, Toby and Garth. The others genres get a pass.

Johnny said...

Nice new look. At least we can read the background if the front page gets boring :>)

Lindsay said...

I like ur blog CJ. It's very interesting, and entertaining to read. Just what i need when i'm in a down mood.

Steven said...

Have you heard Damon is now in pinstripes?