Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Rosa Parks was smokin' with Intelligence

Civil rights icon Rosa Parks dies

Usually I don't mention real news without making fun of it or ranting about it, but the passing of an individual as amazing as Rosa Parks is an exception. I could try to write something deep and meaningful about what this woman meant to our nation, but I sincerely fear I wouldn't do her justice. So allow me to offer my humble Unknown Knowns salute:

God bless Rosa Parks - the woman who stood for what was right while sitting down.

Smoking can lessen IQ, thinking ability: study
I have to say that I fall into the skeptic camp on this one. There's no way that smoking causes lower IQs. The people were undoubtedly dumb to begin with.

Ministers Discuss Ways to Fight Bird Flu

As you can see from the photo accompanying the headline, the ministers are taking the fight against bird flu quite literally. It looks like the policy would work though - these birds flu no more.

FDA Withdraws Approval for ADD Drug
With addverse effects adding up and no addequate addvantages, the add hoc decision by the Addministration addamently addvised addults to addopt a new drug for their addled addolescents without additional addo.

Mars Rover Begins Climb Down From Summit

After two months at the summit of Husband Hill, the six-wheeled rover is descending to a basin where the scientific instruments it carries will examine an outcrop dubbed "home plate" because from orbit it looks like home on a baseball field.

Ok, NASA's willing to say that there's a rock outcrop that looks like a face, and a group of stones that look like "home plate", then I say this picture is the Mars rover being devoured by a diabolical Martian. I mean, can't you see the teeth?

Starbucks stirs things up with a God quote on cups
(Un) Civil lawyers across the country are praying that it reads, "My cup runneth over" (taken from Psalm 23).

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Anonymous said...

An addendum:
Your current addorned blog format addaptation, addressed to addicted readers everywhere, is addmirable. What an addvancement!You just need more addvertising; it couldn't be more addventurous. I'm your addvocate!

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I miss the blah-blah background. :(

Steven said...

Your site looks like an old man's gym shorts, pretty lifeless. Add some color man. Your title could use a facelift too. All in all the new design is an improvement.

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Wow your site looking like an old man's gym shorts is an improvement that is harsh.