Monday, October 10, 2005

Punny Pic #1

This puzzle was solved by Steve, Tuesday, October 11 at 4:52 P.M. Mountain Time. He won a $10 Hastings gift card. Seriously.

The contest rules can be found here.

"I'm beside myself with Joy"

An explanation of the picture:
I'm the dude. If you didn't know that one, well, you probably didn't get very far. The girl I'm pictured with is a relatively obscure recording artist named Joy Williams (and no, I seriously don't listen to her music, I picked her because I needed someone named Joy).

An explanation of the clue:
The clue read, " As a bibically-based musician, she recently put out a CD about her origins. Lastly, you might be tempted to get her confused with Steven Spielberg's music man, or the guy famous for dressing up like a girl in a major motion picture, but don't give in."

The word I was going for in the first section was "Genesis" though Steve tells me he used "Christian music" or something like that. Steven Spielberg's music man, is, of course, John Williams, and the guy famous for dressing up like a woman would be Robin Williams of Mrs. Doubtfire fame. So, if you got that far, you would merely have to do a google search looking for an artist with a CD called Genesis with the last name of Williams.

A couple people who took a stab at it thought it had to do with the cemetary in the background. Nope. It was simply a picture that I had taken and knew I wouldn't get sued for using.

One of my "friends" suggested, "CJ has no chance." Very funny.

Anyway, while participation wasn't quite what I had hoped, we'll try it again next week (or so).

Thanks to everyone who played!

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