Thursday, September 08, 2005

If excuses are like noses, call me Pinocchio, 'cuz I've got a long one


I would say that it's been a long time since I posted, but that would be an understatement.

I've certainly been slacking, and for that, I apologize.

I've considered many different routes, from shutting it all down, to posting like a madman to make up for lost time.

However, I'm too vain to give up, and too lazy and uncreative to perpetually post.

And that of course is the pith of the issue - what to post about?! In all honesty, my creativity is finite and fleeting.

After much thinking, I've come up with what I believe is the solution.

As you may know (though probably not), Unknown Knowns and Other Ramblings is rapidly approaching its first anniversary. So, I've decided that I'd like to celebrate by jumping back into blogging with a bang - a huge posting extravaganza. And it's going to hopefully be really awesome.

So why am I bothering to post that I'm going to post? Well, there are various reasons: 1) I always stall with a "pre-post", you all should know that by now, 2) How else am I going to generate any hype for when I actually post?! and 3) I need your help.

You've probably already noticed the new poll. Yes it looks like a joke, but I seriously do want to know how you all would like me to do my big 1st Anniversary posting. Would you rather see just a couple gigantic globs of a blog, or little bits spread out over 4 or 5 different posts?

If more people vote for short posts, I'll do a bunch of short posts. If people vote for long posts, I'll say, "Too bad!" No just kidding. I am merely a puppet of the masses. . .well, that's not really true either, but I really do want to know if short posts or long posts are more enjoyable.

So please vote. I need some input. And if you have a "c) none of the above" vote, then post a comment and let me know.

Hoping to see you all again real soon,


Steven said...

I can't recall a time you have ever created a short post besides the little 'I am on vacation for a little while, so I will not be posting.'

I prefer the long posts extravaganza. However I couldn't bring myself to slip a vote for it because I don't think you're cute when you ramble on. Being that I don't slant towards female thoughts nor am I gay, I will not vote for that. Do you really have that much of a female audience? Besides your mom?
I believe Mr. Mosty has been streaming out many thought provoking posts. You may have the long Pinocchio-ist nose of an excuse but Mr. Mosty surely hasn't been on a hiatus. Where's his work?

Anonymous said...

Steve is right.
I HAD to vote for the long posts because I do indeed find CJ's ramblings cute.
Ever since the day he was born, in fact........
The Female Audience (Mom)

Amanda said...

Post? CJ? What?
*mild confusion and shock sets in*
Now this I'm anxious to see...:-P

Anonymous said...

I couldn't vote for either. I can't vote for the long posts for the reasons Steve went into. Not only are you not cute, but your posts are definitely not an all day delight, maybe a 5 minute enjoyment but not an all day delight. I couldn't vote for the short ones because I don't have an Aunt Janell. So I say quit making excuses and just steal some ideas from your genius roommate who is totally cool.

Anonymous said...

KISS (keep it simple stupid) yeah so that about sums it all up for my vote. ;-) Tabitha