Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Back with a Semblence of Reason

WARNING: This one's, um, rather(?) loooong.

Well, it's been a really loooong time. I mean really long. And I almost feel bad. But to be honest, when I'm inspired to post, I'm obnoxiously busy, and when I'm not busy, I'm lazy and uninspired. And as much as I'd like to assure everyone that this is the beginning of more consistent posting, I have this feeling that things won't get consistent again until late summer.

Anyway, I'm putting the blategory thing on hold for a bit (yes, one day I will finish them all) because I need to get some good old fashioned ranting and rambling off my chest. So please, bear with me and my case of Dove. Oh, and before I forget, I need to apologize to ManNMotion for ripping off his posting his style for a day. If you're reading this, MNM, rest assured that this style-copying is only temporary. Everyone else reading this, please realize the ManNMotion uses his own style better than I do. Don't be like, "This post sucks, so ManNMotion must suck," because that's not true.

If I was really going to mimic ManNMotion, I would refer to this location as "XXXXXX, XX" but I'm not going to leave you all in the dark. Just to prove that I really did take a vacation, I present the following.

The highlight, as you might guess, was a trip to Fenway Park. And PLEASE tell me that you all know what the Green Monster is. One of my friends thought I was talking unkindly about a greedy relative or something. *sigh* It was definitely neat to be at Fenway Park with my grandpa on Father's Day, watching a Sox win.

Here's a picture from where we sitting, complete with Green Monster footage.

Now, on to a couple of things I truly hate and must deal with:

This may be the worst online e-mail provider in the known world. Not only does it have the most unreliable email system ever (seriously, who knows how many ridiculously hot chicks have emailed me with their love only to have hotmail lose it...) and block me from downloading "all those incredibly dangerous and scary word documents for my own protection," it's also just downright obnoxious. Don't believe me? Just look at this proof:

Yes, Hotmail, I know you can help...BY NOT SENDING ME THIS CRAP ANYMORE!!! I strongly reccomend Yahoo Mail.

Online Ads
I truly hate pop-up ads. Fortunately, Firefox blocks those for me. However, that's not to say that all is well in my online world. Banner ads can most definitely rival pop-up ads for stupidity anyday. Here I've included three of the most annoying I've seen in recent days. We start with the infamous 'poll question' ad seen on the left. Of course, there's the undeniable ridiculousity of winning big simply for giving your opinion on the "timeless" Clinton-Bush debate, but more than that, if the ad's going to bother me, it might as well ask the dumb question right - "who was the better office occupant?" MEMO TO POLL PEOPLE: The liberals really are whining for a reason (in their minds, at least).

Let's move on to another old classic - the e-personal ad. Here we see generous cleavage advertising this company's "proven compatibility test." Um, ok. What is that supposed to mean? Judging from this ad, the first key to "compatibility" is probably "R U really hot and sexy? -Yes -No". I think what really got me teed was the name. True?!

This one isn't so much offensive as it is just plain demeaning. Regardless of intent, should spirituality really be another item that we stick on the instant gratification bandwagon? Seriously, we all know the ads and schemes: "Lose weight - BEFORE SUPPERTIME!" "Get rich - IN THE NEXT FIVE SECONDS!" "Meet that special someone - SHE'S/HE'S WAITING FOR YOU - RIGHT NOW!!!" And we're adding to that list, "Discover God in just five minutes"? Come on, people.

Recent events have forced me to address this. As you may have noticed through various comments, yes, I am a Mickey D's employee. For whatever reason, it seems to be a common opinion held among my friends and society as a whole, that working McDonald's is the ultimate shame. I really feel compelled to deal with the issue. Are there dumb, lazy, stereotypical teenagers working at McDonald's? Of course, I could easily fill up a blog just with stories about work and all the insane and unbelievably stupid things that are done and said there (my own comments and actions included). However, to view all McDonald's employees this way is incredibly unfair. For quite a few of the older (read: non-teenage) workers, McDonald's is a second or even, get this, third job. These are some of the hardest working people that society has. McDonald's also does its best to hire people from all walks of life - and I think they've done a great job doing that. Yes, I do work with a number of mentally challenged individuals, and I have to say that they're some of the greatest people I know. I'm proud to say that I'm their co-worker. While I still can't say that I'm enamored with Big Business or The Man, but working at the golden arches has definitely let me see the other side of the supposedly "evil" large corporation. A company like McDonald's, because of its massive size is able to hire those who otherwise would most likely be turned away. Overall, working at McDonald's, a decidedly humbling experience, has been really good for me. So when I read comments like those of Red Sox closer Keith Foulke blowing off "Johnny from Burger King", I have to say it really draws my ire. Chances are, "Johnny" is doing a heck of a lot more to deserve his, $5.75 an hour than Keith is for his year-long $855 an hour.

The Top 20
Every night after work while we close everything down, inevitably, the top 20 gets put on. And every night, I ask myself the same question: "Who really listens to this crap, let alone vote it into the top 20?!" Perhaps I'm being a bit harsh since Switchfoot's new single, Stars, hasn't cracked it yet, but still, it's garbage. As with all radio stations, they always play little quotes that say things like, "This stuff is awesome!" Well, one of the little clips says, "This list is SOOOO unique." What the crap?! The top 20 is composed just about entirely of identically sounding female-driven pop (i.e. Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson and the Backstreet Boys) and revolting, unoriginal, and pathetically mainstream hip-hop (mainstream = poppy). Blech!

Just because that ranting was probably really boring, I should close with something that should be more interesting. While I refuse to let this become a "CJ's Life" blog, I'll cave this once since this is an atypical entry anyway, and I love music, and because Steve would be annoyed if I didn't do this:

Total volume of music files on my computer: Well, I used to think my 6.89 gigs were a lot, but my friends have recently been putting me to shame. I haven't even been able to listen to all of it yet...

The last CD I bought: Hmmm, if I remember right, it was Adelaide's Overtired and Illprepared. And if anyone reading this has a clue who they are - I'll be officially shocked.

Song playing right now: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You, Led Zepplin

Five songs I listen to a lot, or that mean a lot to me: Only five?! Too tough, I'm splitting them up, though I'm sure that later I'll wonder what I was thinking when I compiled this list.

Most meaningful:
1. The Man Comes Around, Johnny Cash - Just try listening to this without getting chills. I don't even like country...at all, and yet American IV absolutely knocked(knocks) my socks off.
2. The Edge of Water, Jars of Clay - A truly awesome track that blows me away every time.
3. Embers and Envelopes, Mae - Soft rock doesn't get much better or more beautiful than this.
4. Meant to Live, Switchfoot - Such an awesome track; catchy and halfway thought-provoking too.
5. Be My Escape, Relient K - Pop-punk goodness at its best. A track that's always what I need to hear when things get crazy.

Most infectious:
1. Dragostea din tei, Ozone - Yes, the Numa Numa kid got this one stuck in my head for weeks.
2. Complicated, Avril Lavigne - *Sigh* I'll admit it; the song gets stuck in my head just about every time I hear it.
3. Sugar Sugar, The Archies - I don't care if they're not a "real" band.
4. Elanor Rigby, The Beatles - It's an odd song, but after tons of listens, I still love it.
5. Experimental Film, They Might Be Giants - It's all Homestarrunner's fault.

Who I'm Tagging:
No one. Bloggers have too much on their plate as it is. I don't want to cramp anyone's style or hurt any e-feelings. But hey, if any of my Xanga-using friends are reading this and want to give it a whirl, considered yourself tagged by your's truly.

With that all out of the way, I'm ready to jump back into more traditional Unknown Knowns content next time.


Steven said...

Great post. While I'm still not fond of McDonald's for other reasons, those were truly profound words. I prefer Wendy's. In response to, "and because Steve would be annoyed if I didn't do this:" You're dang right! I'd be burninated ha! Not really....no... well....no. Maybe burninated just on Big Mac Mondays.

Anonymous said...

All I can say is...
You've come a long way from the arrogant teenager asserting proudly he'd "never work at McDonald's"!!! (and we won't even mention the T-shirt you wore there to apply....)

Remcat said...

Zeppelin Rocks!! Glad you're still "diggin" them! (is my age showing?!!!)
Foulke is a jerk...hopefully he'll be traded!!
Mickey D's has always been my favorite! It's just not right to have have square hamburgers!
Miss ya!

Anonymous said...

heehee! loved your post as always! It must have been awesome to see Fenway Park, especially with your grandfater! i have never had to much trouble with hotmail, but did you switch? and I think it's awesome you work at Mcdonalds!

Not someone that you have known since little league said...

Is that the same Keith Foulke who has a 6.23 era?????
And it appears that working at McD's is turning you into the next Dick Cheney.

Anonymous said...

Interesting prespective on McDonalds... hmm.
That God ad frightens me. The others were pretty predictable, but wow.

ManNMotion said...

Now wasn't that theraputic? Nice points about Mickey D's. However, as much as I like your blog, I can't bring myself to eat there anymore.

Anonymous said...

CJ, sigh.. you need to update on one of your blogs soon, makes me sad taht nothing is there, hope everything is well! ttfn!

Steven said...

I can't wait to get to college when the tide turns and you actually update your blog and I kinda go into a hibernation mode with my blogging.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy McDonalds, mostly only in the mornings when I'm awake that early. I want to know about the shirt that you wore when you applied? Offensive? I love that Numa Numa song and They Might Be Giants seriously rock my world. It's cool to take a break for "serious reporting" for a while. Either way I'll read cause it's freak hilarious and true.

Good luck