Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blategory I: Gomer's Oddysey

*For an introduction/explanation to what in the world this is all about, please read this.*

One blategory is the "Epic Quest," that is, a blog that covers some large undertaking, usually over a long period of time and distance. I've seen ones for biking trips up the Eastern coast, a hike up Mount Everest, and a blogger who wanted to make a continous line of hot dogs across the U.S., stretching from L.A. to New York...ok, so I made that last one up. But it might be out there somewhere. Seriously.

Anyway, usually these trips are for a good cause, like charity, self-betterment, or, in the case of the imaginary Continental Weiner line, content for Reuters' 'Oddly Enough' section (You could also argue that destroying that many hot dogs would be doing our country a great service...). So you have a blog, which often involving posts about training for this quest WAAYY before the actual trip like, "December 4, 1963: In June of 2005, I will attempt to create a line of hot-dogs across the United States. Check back here often for updates!" And so on and so forth.

Then the big day comes, and the blogger will leave his "home base," but of course, he'll continue to post while on the road. The really good ones easy post by phone from various locations, kinda like this: "....phhttt...Hey all....phttt....currently I'm....phtt...this killer...fft...twister....phttt....and this nuclear...phtt....BOOM!...phttt....gotta go!" And you have no clue what they just said, but, you are sure going to check back next time!! And of course, you find out that the blogger was merely talking about a "killer game of twister" and some "nuclear salsa" (which also explained the "gotta go") and some marching parade with an overzealous bass drummer. What a headache.

Clearly, these blogs can be confusing and potentially stressful. So, I'd like to give you a clear and concise example of an epic quest blog - all the goodness of the true quest blategory, but without all the hassle. Without further ado, I proudly present:

Wagonning Across the U.S.

Enjoy, because I'm sure gonna be tired tommorrow morning at work.


S said...

Fantastic! Superb! Loved it! Hilarious! Definitely the mostest coolest!

Steven said...

Why don't you go on a quest? The hot dog one sounded interesting. Just think you could make the biggest....om nevermind.

Steven said...

I also want to give you kudos for the new profile pic. Gives new meaning to headline news, if they aren't on top.

nate dawg said...

Ah, yes, the first Blype! That Wagonning example summed it up very nicely. I was actually thinking that I'd like to see someone make a continuous line of something across the U.S. If I get you, Steve, and Jim to help me, we could make the weiner line ourselves! Mua ha ha...

Anonymous said...

What a [wagon] stud!