Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Brace Yourself [NOTE: Today's title is *NOT* brought to you by the American Dental Association]

Wow. I look at my blog and I have to say, "Man, I sure am lazy."

Here I am, nearly a month removed from my last post. And I don't have any really cool or even remotely interesting reasons for filling a month's time with silence. However, I feel truly obligated to make it up to you, my loyal readers. Assuming that wasn't just my mom behind those "You should post" comments, it would appear that a couple people do enjoy Unknown Knowns, and really, that's good enough for me.

While I can't promise a specific date, I can promise my next "real" post will be soon. In addition, hopefully Wednesday morning, you're going to wake up to the most intimate post in the history of this blog, detailing the past month's activities for myself and, yes, Mr. Mosty. From there, finals notwithstanding (again: hopefully), I promise you Unknown Knowns will once again be off to the races.

So, bear with me and prepare, because soon (and very soon) Unknown Knowns is going to be once again in full swing. And let's hope that's good enough.

As always (sporadic),
CJ Baker


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Double YAY!

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Triple quadruple squared YAY!