Thursday, March 17, 2005

This just in: Obesity - it's not good

Space Station Circuit Breaker Again Fails
Of course this once again raises the eternal question: if a circuit breaker isn't supposed to break, what is it supposed to do?

Report: Obesity will reverse lifespan gains
And to add insult to injury, researchers also announced that waist span gains would not be reversed.

Alleged Taliban Gets Guantanamo Hearing
Help me out here, was the guy found guilty, and then sentenced to face a Guantanamo "trial" or what? Of course, I don't see what the big deal is with the whole "unconstitutional" thing. Heck, they've got the whole "speedy trial" thing down quite a bit better than we do up here...

Philips Finds New Material for Future Memory Chips
First there was herbal tea to improve memory retention and recall. Now, Philips announces their plans to introduce the next step in memory eatery: potato chips designed to help you properly store all your prophetic visions.

Senate panel holds secrecy hearings
Judging from this headline, the "secrecy hearings" weren't all that successful.

Bay Bridge project California's 'biggest fiasco'
No, I don't think the Bay Bridge qualifies, but if you change some of the letters, like the B on Bay to a G and the B on Bridge to Mar, you'd be getting pretty close.

Bush taps Martin to head FCC
I'm still waiting for Bush to tap Pete Coors for a high position. Now *that* would be funny.

Crane migratory effort suffers setback
Trying desperately to enter the United States for the summer working months, many southern industrial cranes were dismayed to learn that the U.S. borders will be first opening to Mexican dump trucks and bulldozers.

Study: X Chromosome Could Account for Differences Between Sexes
Which of course led the ACLU and Harvard faculty to denounce the DNA strand as sexist.

Writer most likely to be given a drug test:
Report: Crack in 'hash function'
And of course, the priceless subtitle: Internet security takes a hit. Wow.

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