Friday, March 18, 2005

Picture Day

Congress Holds Steroid Hearing

And from this photo, it would appear that Major League Baseball needs to be testing for more than just steroids...

Palestinian Militants Agree to Extend Period of Calm

Palestinian police, struggling to maintain order, have adopted many new un-orthodox techniques to put an halt to rebel activities. One change, seen here, has been the adoption of not-necessarily-lethal-weapons. The changes have not come without difficulties. Here we see one officer who ended up on the wrong end of a can of pepper spray ordered to "Sneeze where you are!"

Schröder unveils moves to revive economy

Today German chancellor Gerhard Shroeder unveiled a series of dance moves to help revitalize the economy. "Think of them as economic rain dances," said one German adviser. The dance shown above is called the "Fist and Shout."

Man in Montana Arrested in Letterman Plot
This of course begs the question: is it possible for a Montanan to make the news for something at least somewhat un-psychotic?

Bush Taps Portman for Trade Representative
Apparently impressed by Natalie's diplomatic prowess with the Trade Federation on Episode I, President Bush has appointed Ms. Portman to a similar post in the U.S. Government.

IRS Workers Prey for Hackers
Which has understandably led many American to pray for hackers.

1 comment:

ManNMotion said...

Wow, this raises a lot of serious questions...

Is that a plastic spoon in Shroeder's hand?

If Natalie Portman is the trade rep, who are the jedi? Who are the clone army? Who is the evil emperor? And, most troubling for me, who is Jar Jar Binks?