Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Would student 98765 please come to the office?

Science intends to tag all life
I saw this headline and didn't thought that sounded pretty stupid, but apparently it gets even better - they're already starting with us: Parents protest radio ID tags for students

Quite frankly, I'm disgusted. How stupid can people get?

The badges introduced at Brittan Elementary School on January 18 rely on the same radio frequency and scanner technology that companies use to track livestock and product inventory...Each student is required to wear identification cards around their necks with their picture, name and grade and a wireless transmitter that beams their ID number to a teacher's handheld computer when the child passes under an antenna posted above a classroom door.

I mean, let's see, identifying individuals by necklaces, numbers, and a radio transmitter. Well, I guess if we want to be able to draw comparisons between the military and house arrest with our children's education, yeah, this is a flipping great idea. Safety has to lose out to life every once in a while. Having your every movement tracked is a punishment - it should not be a way of life. And the more you refer to individuals as numbers, and handle human affairs in the same way as inanimate objects, the more dehumanized will become all involved. I can't think of a worse way to raise children than to treat them as merely items that must be tracked and protected from themselves. That's not any kind of living I'm interested in.

And now on to the lighter stuff:

U.S. rules out concessions for North Korea
In a rather drastic and surprisingly harsh move, the White House today placed a ban on the exportation of cracker jacks, peanuts, and Coca-Cola beverages to North Korea in a plan designed to drive Kim Jong Il back to the bargaining table.

Jackson attorney may call on stars
Wow. I think you know a side is getting desperate when they revert to astrology. "The defense would like to call, Miss Cleo to the stand, your honor."

Dean named Democratic Party chief
Democrats leaders cautioned Mr. Dean that despite his title of "chief," Indian war whoops would be completely inappropriate.

U.S. Refuses One-On-One North Korea Talks
The President was adamant today in rejecting any notion of engaging in unilateral discussions with North Korea. As one top aide commented, "You can't forget about Poland."

Greenspan Will Have Ears of All Parties in Social Security Debate
Yup. All two of them.

For some, child-slavery issue ruins taste of chocolate
This is pretty terrible. But c'mon, this article must have been written by some size zero blond bombshell out to make the rest of us feel terrible about eating chocolate on Valentine's Day - I mean, that's just plain nasty! I feel bad enough about eating those 27 chocolate bars* without a moral motivation being tacked on as well.

Houston Finds Innovative Ways to Reduce Congestion
Talk about too much information. I really don't care how Whitney gets the phlegm out of her system. Yuck!

Life flourishes at crushing depth
Apparently these scientists have never observed finals week. Immense pressure just isn't a good thing for any form of life I know.

*Slight exaggeration


ManNMotion said...

Those radio tags are also the same thing that a lot of companies use as security badges for employees to allow access to their jobs or restrict them from sensitive areas...or lock them out if they've been fired. I've worked in those kinds of areas for a while. Employers use it to keep a log of when you've been there, and when you haven't. Seems like a good way to automatically keep track of kids and send notes to their parents that they've missed a class...of course, being kids, they may lose a few ID badges here and there. Just my 2 cents.

Ms. Blaize said...
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Ms. Blaize said...

Oh hell no! Now that's just crazy!!!We need to spend more time being parents to our kids and discipling them so that they are able to function like sane adults instead of branding them like cattle! MOooooooo!
Then they have the nerve to say that it simplifies attendance taking.... how crazy is that? How much effort does it take to look up, see the kid and put a check mark next to his/her name? What's next, a chip implanted in their butts?
But this won't catch on.... even if it somehow did, those 'midgets' would still find a way to get around it. That's why we need to concentrate on home training.... and THAT's real talk! ~ Ms. Blaize

Anonymous said...

I see what you're saying ManNMotion, but I think I'm going to have to side with Ms. Blaize here (and yes, I'm still chuckling over the "cow children" comment). I would personally be more at ease with just a more traditional "clock-in-clock-out" system, like the security badge system ManNMotion described. A radio transmitter, disclosing your position at all times (or at least having the potential to), is just too creepy for my taste. I don't see the need for it. Besides, wouldn't it be easier and more reliable for a teacher to take attendence? Then again, maybe I should just put down my copy of "Conspiracy Theory Weekly" and slowly back away...