Sunday, January 30, 2005

That 9 billion was here a minute ago...

Iraq Voters Defy Threats, Boycott Calls

Quite simply: how encouraging. Making the decision to go to the polls couldn't have been easy for the citizens of Iraq. We're supposedly teaching a fledgling democracy how to behave, but I think that today, the courage of the people of Iraq should be an example for us. Democracy is a gift that we should not, and can not, take for granted.

Now on to the less-serious stuff:

Man arrested in Super Bowl bomb threat
That's right, sports fans, remember: the Eagles are really good, not "da bomb."

Lockheed Martin to build Marine One
In a related story, Cyberdyne Systems Corporation today announced their plans to build one marine.

Dean gets big boost in DNC race
It would appear that Dean supporters are coming out in droves to support the former Vermont governor and 2004 presidential candidate. However, a Dean spokeswoman announced today that Ashlee Simpson would not be involved in any part of the democrat's campaign for party chairman. Simpson, reportedly wanting to boost Dean's charge for the DNC top seat, scheduled a benefit concert for his push at the position. According to the spokeswoman, Mr. Dean found Simpson's "La La" lyrics quite offensive, and said the song "broached a touchy subject" for the candidate. Some political experts questioned if the event would raise a noticeable sum anyway.

Of course, this thing isn't wrapped up by any means. According to Fox News, Fowler gets boost for DNC chair. Given Fox's reputation I was at first a little skeptical (and wondered, "Is he really short or something?"), but my fears were soon put to rest - Fowler actually is a democrat.

Audit: $9 Billion Unaccounted for in Iraq
At least we can be fairly sure that money wasn't spent on paying off
Al-Jazeera members
to promote Bush's agenda. Of course, that might not be such a bad idea...

NASA: Mission to ISS in December
Disgusted with the "astronomical" amount of NASA blunders in recent history, President Bush has sentenced NASA to a new mission - In School Suspension. During this time, NASA members will not only be forced to do pages of English-to-metric conversions, but will also be banned from watching any episodes of Star Trek.

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Anonymous said...

Your NASA comments are astronomically clever...

And a question for Mr. Mosty: just how will you be using the poll results?? Should we expect some dairy boycotting or something?

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