Friday, January 21, 2005

After those messages...I'm right back

Delta Caps Worst Year in Airline History
Delta Air Lines Inc. blamed high fuel prices, low fares and hefty charges as it reported the worst annual financial performance in the industry's history on Thursday, culminating with a $2.2 billion fourth-quarter loss.

The really sad part here is that if Delta were a government agency, that would probably be considered a pretty successful 3 months.

Bush Starts New Term, Seeks End to Tyranny
It sounds as if the president has decided to deal with the concerns of Democrats* nationwide.

Harvard Chief Says His Remarks on Women Were Wrong
Well, I usually try to avoid getting into serious topics, but I really feel the need to talk about this one. Here's my question: what's the big deal with Harvard University President Lawrence Summer's remarks? According to the story:

Earlier this week, a Harvard faculty committee told Summers he may have damaged the school's efforts to attract more top female scholars with his suggestion that innate differences between the sexes may help explain why fewer women succeed in math and science careers.

Call me a sexist pig if you wish, but I don't get it. Political correctness has gone too far in my book. Saying something as simple as "men and women are different" is almost bound to raise the hackles of some. And that's ridiculous. Men and women don't think in the same way. Period. Does that have anything to do with equality? Heck no! All of mankind is created equal - not the same. And that's a good thing. Moving towards a world where everyone has the same talents, same skills, and same interests is not a world I'm interested in. Refusing to acknowledge and embrace our differences is ludicrous. Political correctness, in attempting to promote diversity will do nothing but destroy it. We spend our childhoods learning that we are special and unique individuals, and then it seems we spend the rest of lives being told that we are the same as everyone else. There's no question in my mind that men and women are equal, intellectually, mentally, spiritually, physically, and any other "ally" I'm forgetting, but they're not identical. I really hope this doesn't offend anyone, because that's not my goal. My point is simply this: if women are generally less gifted in math and science - who cares?! Likewise, if men are found to be overall inferior in reading and writing, why should I care? Statistics and generalizations can be unfailingly accurate and utterly worthless at the same time. Be different, be above average, really - it's o.k.

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*No matter how badly Henry Makow would like you to, please don't take that article seriously - PLEASE!


ManNMotion said...

Nice post today. I'm not offended at all, but I deal with these issues every day. It seems that in corporate america, individuality is only rewarded when you are the same as everyone in management. Men and women ARE different and we need to celebrate - not denigrate - those differences.

Anonymous said...

Well put!!!! This country will be in better shape once "MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT" really takes hold...