Saturday, January 01, 2005


I've been taking this holiday season off to simply, well, waste even more time than usual, but I felt kinda guilty writing nothing at all. So for New Year's, I offer the following:

Fly-eating robot powers itself
Scientists at the University of the West of England (UWE) have designed a robot that generates energy by catching and eating houseflies. Dr Chris Melhuish and his Bristol-based team hope the robot, called EcoBot II, will one day be sent into zones too dangerous for humans, potentially proving invaluable in military, security and industrial areas.

Forget the secret military areas, let's put two and two together here: zones too dangerous for humans with a robot powered by flies? The practicality is all too obvious - can you think of a better way to take care of your dirty socks?

NASA can't wait to smash spacecraft
Rather than even bother with the whole disapointment thing, NASA has completely given up any hope of success in their upcoming mission. Instead, they're excited and looking forward to exactly how they're going to mess this one up.

Dems: Troops need 'adequate' tools
In other words, according to democrat leaders, in the true spirit of the new year, Republicans have "dropped the ball."

Happy New Year everyone.


Anonymous said...

The Nasa article was interesting. My roommate hates Nasa, because they spend so much money (like $330 mill for the project in the article). It sounds bad, but I suspect the money would just disapear anyway. I like space stuff, but it does seem to be reaching really far into the future to be looking for the "practical benefit" of a possible "watering holes and fueling stations." Then again, the search for knowledge is important.
Yeah, I have no opinion. This has been another useless comment by Ginger!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new background!
Blah blah blah...