Monday, December 06, 2004

Mommy, the news is scaring me...

Iraq's Interim Leader to Visit White House

President Bush (at right) seen here with interim Iraqi leader Ghazi al-Yawer (center)

Huh. Is it just me, or has Iraq gotten a whole lot more progressive since Hussien left town? Seriously, a woman leader?! Way to go! I think that's just gre...wait a minute...that looks like...Laura Bush?! Oh. I get it now. It was all a big mistake. The war wasn't about oil after all - Iraq was W's anniversary gift to the first lady!! Unbelievable.

McCain hits Pentagon
As one congressional official said, "Ouch."

Yeah. You know, Mr. McCain, I know you're upset and everything, but if you want to use the whole "self-torture" thing to get everyone's attention, I'd suggest starving yourself. I think that might work a little better.

Source: Police take sample of Jackson's DNA
Great news: Sometime this week, officials will be able to determine whether or not Micheal Jackson is actually human.

Capsizing boat kills illegal migrants
Wow. Two big thumbs down on this headline. When I first read it, I just guessed it was some kind of sick "How-to" book for xenophobes.

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