Saturday, November 20, 2004

Who's your...momma?! That makes about as much sense as a white man trying to jump.

Recording Cos. Sue 761 for Music Swapping

Backwards E's still won't make you black, bud.

Today the Recording Industry of America filed another 761 lawsuits against those who had the stupidity to get Eminem's new CD.

Michael Jackson Sued by L.A. Antiques Dealer
The dealer alleges that the former pop-superstar broke an antique camera of his while he was trying to take Jackson's pitcure. However, the defense appear in complete control of the situation. Said one of Michael's defense attorneys, "With a face like that, did you really think the camera would survive?!"

General: Bin Laden, insurgents trying to communicate
Normally, you wouldn't find this too surprising. In fact, it would seem sorta, well, obvious that Bin Laden is trying to communicate with his henchmen. However, there is of course, more to the story than meets the eye.


Quite simply, facial hair and cell phones don't mix. Bin Laden has been thus far unable to get a phone close enough to his mouth to converse coherently. The Al Queda terrorist tried to set up an online meeting, but Afghanistan techonology is so primitive, that all they have are Macs. So you can all guess how well that went.

Judge accused of using dead mom's name
Did anyone not see this coming? Here's a tip for ya Sam: next time, steal your dad's name.

Ok, so the judge's name was actually Betty. But still. It was really dumb.

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sCruuw said...

your comments on UBL and Alqueda using Macs is funny as hell...I really did laugh out loud! Candi2059