Tuesday, November 09, 2004

What do you mean? Of course I've got these headlines figured out!

Powell, Fox to Talk About Immigration
Well, if there was any doubt about whether or not Colin Powell would be returning for President Bush's second term, it has now been put rest. Today Powell visited with Mexican President Vincente Fox about acquiring citizenship with our southern neighbors.

Women's Prisons Filling Fast
OK, I'm pretty sick of all this talk about how "Martha Stewart is really doing her time." Puh-lease. What a joke. After Diane Sawyer did her Prime Time piece on jail conditions, women are dying to get into state penitentiary. As Martha's magazine proclaimed, "it's just the in thing to do." Better call soon to reserve your spot, cells are going quickly.

U.S. Sees Hard Fight, Low Civilian Toll in Fallujah
Just looking at this headline, you can see all the great news in Iraq. What are the liberals gonna say now? U.S. soldiers are busy watching pay-per-view boxing and Iraqi citizens are experiencing never seen before liberties. However, this doesn't really seem fair. While we in America pay ridiculous rates at toll bridges and roads across the nation, Iraqis have low tolls? What gives? First they have lower gas prices, now, even with all that construction, low toll roads. That's garbage. But seriously, did you think Saddam Hussein ever gave his people low tolls? Didn't think so. As you can see, the war on Iraq is indeed justified. Man, I bet soon they'll even have minutes of peace, do we ever get minutes of pea-oh wait.

Never mind.


Anonymous said...

(This is Ginger)
Nice use of the Martha Stewart quote by the vagueness of what "it" refers to...
Thanks for the comment! I didn’t think you’d be the sort to have a blog, but then I read it- yup, politics. Nice work.
Is Laramie really so bad? Tech isn’t really prestigious; it’s just a state college, but they do have a good architecture school. Anyhow, it is exciting to be somewhere new.
Do any other people I know have blogs on blogspot? I didn’t see links like xanga has.

Anonymous said...

Intelligible comments for 3:05 a.m. - - -
You had me going with the "all-American complaining" until the last line -