Friday, November 05, 2004

Are Edjucayshun Sistum

Alright, this is unusual, I know, but I felt that I needed to address the issue. Yes that's right: education in America today. I know it hurts to talk about it, but we must. It's our duty. Well, until yesterday, I considered myself an independent. But President Bush has gone too far. The No Child Left Behind Act is destroying our schools. Literally. Look at this story...
Warplane Strafes a School in New Jersey.

Apparently, the school was not meeting new standards set by the President's now infamous education plan, so George Bush regrettably was forced to order the strike to send a warning message to, according to one Whitehouse spokesman, "the little terrors."

However, to be fair, I can at least somewhat empathize with President Bush in his disappointment in our school systems. Just today, I was thinking about the things I learned in elementary school, and I suddenly remembered that good ole mathematics saying. You know the one, "Six and eight went on a date, and when they came back they were forty-eight?" Anyway, it got me to thinking, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE WE TEACHING OUR CHILDREN?!?! Think about it...1) That's just WAY too long, there's only so many forced laughs that can be made in one sitting...then you start sounding like President Bush's laugh... 2) That makes ZERO mathematical sense!!!! They couldn't possibly both come back 48 - I mean for the love of Pi, they were two freaking years apart when they left, and then...ARGHHH!!!! It's enough to make the mathematician in me scream in rage! 3) What in the world are 6 and 8 year olds doing dating anyway?!?! Just what kind of morals are we teaching our kids!? Seriously, we have laws against things like that...I...think...maybe? Well, we should. Regardless, it's clear to me that our education system needs some work.

Their's my to scents - ewe no eye am write.


Anonymous said...

very good point, what are we teaching our children? heehee made me laugh! :)

Anonymous said...

What can you come up with for "i before e except after c"???