Sunday, October 10, 2004

Pills: In both the online AND liberal variety

Kerry Courts Black Voters at Church Stops
Rest at ease conservatives, no, Kerry did not make any church closures, they were merely campaign stops.

"November 2, the power is in your hands, hands that once picked cotton," Jesse Jackson said.

Umm...I'm still trying to figure this one out. Has anyone reminded ole Jesse that for pretty much the only cotton being picked these days is in "Old Navy?"

Added Al Sharpton: "Everything we have fought for, marched for, gone to jail for — some died for — could be reversed if the wrong people are put on the Supreme Court."

Yes, it's true. When the supreme considers "Should Slavery be Legal?" early next year...wait a sec, they're not deciding that, c'mon people, I mean seriously, it's not like Bush'll be nominating Trent Lott...

Rice: Afghan Election Likely Deemed Fair
Thanks goodness. According to Rice, most likely, things are OK. Phew. And to think I was worried...

"This was an extraordinary day for the Afghan people, and this election is going to be judged legitimate," said President Bush's national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice. Here's to hoping that those judges aren't French.

Study: Few Americans Buy Drugs Online
For all you parents worried about your kids buying drugs online, worry no more. They're still doing it the old fashioned way. What a shock. I mean, do you really think Brotha Dawg or Big Ed are capable of running their own websites?!

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You take a lot for granted, white boy...