Monday, September 06, 2004

The "Best of" Slaunchways

There is little rhyme or reason to what gets blogged here - it's generally just whatever I come up with.

And that can mean mixed results.

So, to help you get a feel for what this site is like, here are what I would call "the highlights" of my past 3 years of blogging...

A Look at Paranormalcy
A 3 minute mockumentary examining the relationship between paranormal entities and children.

Wyoming People Know Their Humor
One of the funniest Amazon pages I've ever seen in my life.

The True Meaning of Independence Day
Fun with fireworks and action figures.

Dr. Strangeshirt or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and *Heart* the NY
Why the I *heart* NY design won't work for other states.

Mad now brown Cow?
Some fun with image editing and puns.

Sanctified Sports
Fake religious sports headlines. Of course, when I put it like that, it sounds pretty boring, huh?

Commercial Product Placement in "The Mummy"
Watch closely now.

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