Monday, September 06, 2004

The Index

If you want to find something, your best bet is to use the little search bar in the upper left hand corner of this page. It generally works pretty well.

However, here's the option to browse by category. Some are sloppy and non-helpful.

Get over it.

RANDUMBLY OBSERVED = stuff that strikes me as odd, funny, strange or whatever as I go about the daily life. the typical post.

VIDEO = moving images I've created.

IMAGES = playing around with pictures. Photoshop kinda stuff.

AUDIO = hear it.

ENGLISH NAZI = in which I make fun of typos, spelling and grammar errors, dumb quotes, etc.

SPAM = typically involves email I was sent that I didn't want. to clarify, this categorization does not mean the email received was "spam," or that the people sending it were "spamming me." I use this tag to refer to just about anything involving off-beat e-commerce.

CRAP CAMPAIGN = the Corporate Responsibility And Patency campaign. my efforts to make businesses better and stuff.

SEASONAL = having to do with specific holidays and occasions.

CONTESTS = just what it sounds like: past competitions I've hosted.

MISCELLAMEOUS = anything I can't squeeze into another category.

me = hi!

F-STOP IT = pictures I've taken that kinda speak for themselves.

HEADLINES = generally, mock commentary on weird or misleading headlines and quotes. most of the old stuff on this site falls under this category. like:
headline: Bush signs bill
comment: I didn't know bushes could write. Har har har.
and so on and so forth.

SERIOUSLY = for serious.

MR. MOSTY = posts from Mr. Mosty, a character who no longer exists.

INFRASTRUCTURE = posts that exist only to explain the site. like this one.

blah = stuff that is pretty much not worth your time. left around only for the sake of "preserving the historical record." or something like that.

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