Monday, September 06, 2004

A Case for Nurturing

For the sake of your entertainment/personal trivial knowledge base/whatever, some influences in a collage.
Thanks (in no order):
+for a half an hour of brilliance
+for putting on a great the show
+for getting me hooked on gaming
+for showing me what computers could do
+for shooting Pete. repeatedly
+for the talking and talking beanie bunnies
+for helping me use my thyme wisely
+for patiently letting me plagiarize and mimic your creativity
+for eating dessert. and shaving your legs.
+for eating it
+for the burnination
+for explaining the intricacies of what we know. and no-know.
+for preserving summer in a bottle
+for the unsolicited encouragement
+for a stage
+for ?!
+for knocking. and rocking.
+for mashing up reality and absurdity
+for the example

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